Thursday, September 03, 2009

Take Out the Trash Day

God dammit, it's Friday -- Necks, prepare to be punched!!

My little brother is coming down this weekend, and he's bringing Fuckin' Tamburri with him.

Fuckin' Tamburri is the stuff of legends; he's the living, breathing soul of the Garden State, the embodiment of the North Jersey native. He's hilarious, filthy, slouching, misanthropic, vulgar, tough as hell, and he's like a brother to me. You couldn't find a more loyal friend anywhere -- especially not one that so closely resembles a knife fighter -- and he has the added value of being the only person of his light frame who can sustain a direct hit to the head from my gargantuan little brother and keep on fighting. No shit.

I've been nearly dying to DEATH of work lately, my waking life consumed by this one project i've been working on. it's coming due pretty soon, so I've not had any time at all for some genuine fun...but since our friend JJ's birthday is today, my birthday was last week, and everyone's in town, i think i'm going to put work aside for tonight and rip the goddamn lid off. I've earned it, so fuck you.

Also, I hadda throw this in.

(I love Friday news...if you ever watch the West Wing, the episode "Take Out the Trash Day" explains how fridays work in the news cycle...everyone fills the papers up with meaningless bullshit news so that they don't have to follow up with real stories over the weekend when nobody reads the papers. Anyway, I love it, so you should also.)